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Manufacturers and Exporters of Jute and Jute goods

 Industrial Concerns:
 Shamsher Jute Mills Ltd.
 Madina Jute Industries Ltd.
 Haramine Spinning Mills Ltd.
 Jahan Textile Mills
 Trading Concerns:
 SNL International
 Bengal Jute & Burlap Agencies
 Jahan Traders


Jahan Traders
SNL International
Bengal Jute & Burlap Agencies

We are the leading exporters of Jute products in Bangladesh backed by our own Jute Spinning and Weaving Mills. We are also well connected with several other quality Jute Mills in Bangladesh.

We export:

* Jute Yarn, Twine, Rope
* Hessian Cloth
* Hessian Bag - Natural, Color, Full bright, Semi bright
* Carpet Backing cloth (CBC)
* Jute Carpets and Mats
* Geo Jute - Soil Saver
* Jute Webbing
* Sacking (Gunny) bags, as follows:
* Standard B. Twill 44"X26.5", 2.25 lbs, 6X8
* Binola Twill 44"X26.5", 2 lbs, 6X7
* A. Twills 44"X26.5", 2.625 lbs, 8X9
* L.Twills 44"X26.5", 2.50 lbs, 8X8
* Coffee Bags 40"X26", 2 lbs, 8X8
* Sugar Bags 48"X28", 2 lbs, 2.25 lbs, 2.50 lbs
* Hycees 40"X28", 2.25 lbs, 8X9
* Lt. Cees 40"x28", 2.00 lbs, 8X8
* Australian Corn Sacks 41"X23", 2.25 lbs, 8X9
* E. Grain Sack 60"X30", 3.25 lbs & 5.00 lbs, 6X8
* Wool Packs 54X27X27, 9 lbs

Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI)
Bangladesh Jute Goods Association (BJGA)
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