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Jute is a natural fibre. Jute continues to be the most important fibre crop next to Cotton, grown by 10/12 million small and marginal farmers in several countries in Asia. Production of Jute is increasingly concentrated in Bangladesh, China, India and Thailand. Jute is consumed widely throughout the developed and developing countries. Jute and Jute products are one of the most important export products of Bangladesh. The Jute industry is the oldest and biggest industry in the country. It is the main largest agro-based, labor intensive and export-oriented Industry of Bangladesh. It is the most important Industry of Bangladesh in terms of production, employment and foreign exchange earnings. It is used mainly to make yarn for Hessian cloth, Bags, Carpets and backings for carpets and other floor coverings. Over 70 percent of the total consumption is in the form of Hessian cloth and bags for packing various agricultural and industrial products, with predominant share going to agricultural products, particularly cereals.


The Strength of The Golden Fiber-Jute


Jute is biodegradable (deteriorates organically) and replenishes Earth with nutrients Jute poses no threat to the environment because it neither emits toxic gases nor harmful chemicals Jute will not cause problems like synthetic materials in waste management cycles through emitting hazardous gases during incineration and preventing the stabilization of landfill sites Jute makes packing easy and could be sewn either by hand or by machines Jute packing does not break and hooks can be used without any damage and can be used several times. The Strength Of The Golden Fiber-Jute

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